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Perception Sensor
Simulation and Model Validation

Our Vision

Safety Validation by
Credible Sensor Simulation

At Persival, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way perception sensor simulation is utilized. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that redefine the industry.

Persival Sedan

All Domains

We offer our products and services for all domains


Our Products

Everything you need to develop and validate sensor models

Sensor Model Development Library (SMDL)

Simplify the development of your perception sensor models with the Sensor Model Development Library.

A C++/Cuda library with an easy-to-use API.

Lidar Image
Point Cloud on Persival Sedan


Analyze sensor data alongside simulation ground truth within a full 3D environment. Simply load an ASAM OSI trace file with references to ASAM OpenMATERIAL files.

Interfaces and Tools

Discover our software solutions to support different interfaces and tools, such as NVIDIA Isaac Sim, ROS and more.

Connect to Nvidia Isaac Sim, ROS and ASAM Standards

Our Services

Need more than software?
Check out our services.

Custom 3D Assets

We create qualified ready-to-use 3D model for your simulation, from small props over vehicles and pedestrians all the way to entire 3D environments. All assets are validated against real geometry properties and assigned to measured material properties.

Sensor Performance Measurements

We measure the performance of your lidar sensor for sensor model calibration according to standardized measurement schemes. Detection threshold measurements are performed with different calibration targets up to a distance of 500 m.

Material Measurements

With our patent pending reflectivity measurement device we measure wavelength dependent material properties for lidar simulation. The measuring device is completely portable, enabling us to conduct measurements at a location of your choosing.

Our Customers and Partners


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