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Inspect your Simulation


The best tool to analyze and validate simulated sensor data

Unlock the power of understanding your simulation with Simspector: the all-in-one solution for understanding, debugging, and validating perception sensor simulations.

Simspector visualizes your simulated sensor data as well as static and dynamic objects in your 3D environment, enabling you to understand your simulations. Additional investigation tools allow you to analyze the sensor and ground truth data in order to explain observed effects to your simulation.

Visualize Sensor Data and Environments

Experience seamless playback of ASAM OSI Trace Files and real-time access to live data streams from running simulations via TCP. Simspector is fully compliant with ASAM OSI, allowing you to easily switch between playback of ASAM OSI Trace Files and real-time access to live data streams from running simulations. 3D models are loaded via paths set in the ASAM OSI model references.

Playback or Live Data

Simspector liberates you from dependency on specific vendors by offering support for multiple simulation tools that output ASAM OSI sensor data, including our own SMDL. Simspector supports ASAM OSI input for simulation ground truth and sensor data as well as 3D environments and assets in glTF format. The 3D assets are referenced in the ASAM OSI model reference fields.

Support for Open Standards

Simspector offers a wide range of advanced analysis functions to help you understand your simulation data such as rendering object polygons, mesh structure and information about assigned material definitions in ASAM OpenMATERIAL format.

Advanced Analysis

Simspector provides the functionality to visually inspect simulated sensor data and data from a real-world measurement side-by-side. This helps you to identify errors early on in your process and increase the credibility of your simulation. We are already working on the next big feature of Simspector: Design and carry out mathematical validation tests within the tool as well as deploying designed tests for Continuous Integration - stay tuned!

Comparison of Simulated and Measured Data

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