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Sensor Models
with Ray Tracing


Sensor Model Development Library

The Persival SMDL is a C++/CUDA library that can easily be integrated into a sensor model, e.g. in a functional mock-up unit (FMU). It is targeted to be used with the ASAM Open Simulation Interface (OSI) standard.

The SMDL is targeted to be used in a sensor model that is employed in a co-simulation framework. That means, that the simulation of the perception sensors is decoupled from other simulation modules, such as scenario/traffic simulation or vehicle dynamics simulation. In this setup, the sensor model has only two inputs. An ASAM OSI SensorView message with references to 3D asset files conforming to the upcoming ASAM OpenMATERIAL standard and the 3D assets themselves.

Co-Simulation with Standardized Interfaces

The SMDL has an API that provides functionalities to:

  • load a static 3D environment based on ASAM OSI input,

  • load 3D assets for all moving objects based on ASAM OSI input and update their poses, velocities, etc. every simulation timestep,

  • set a sensor position,

  • perform a custom ray tracing utilizing physical material properties defined in ASAM OpenMATERIAL,

  • interface with a proprietary signal processing that might remain a black box for IP protection,

  • and finally output the sensor output, i.e. a point cloud, in ASAM OSI SensorData format.

How the SMDL works

We provide templates to embed the SMDL into a functional mock-up unit (FMU). The templates are implementation examples on how to use the SMDL API and connect a signal processing to it. The image also shows how the SMDL connects to our other software and services, for example Simspector for visualization, analysis and validation, or our ASAM OpenMATERIAL compliant 3D assets.

Embed SMDL into FMU

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